Barcode Security

Million and millions of driver’s licenses are issued globally every year.  Among several layers of security features embedded into licenses, one of them can be a a linear barcode with a unique identification number that is pre-printed onto every single card.

Before a license is issued to the holder, the license undergoes a personalization phase using a desktop card printer. The card printer has a built-in barcode reader which scans the card barcode and the unique identification number from the barcode is automatically entered into a software. That unique identification number is tied to the person receiving the license via the software’s database.  By tying the unique barcode to the person, this helps prevent counterfeited cards from being produced.

Recently IDP has become one of the few ID Card Printer manufacturers to integrate a barcode scanners (actually an image sensor) into its SMART-51 Series Printers.   Adding more security to your cards can be as simple as reading the ever-present barcode.

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