Instant Issuance Bank Cards

Banks today are working hard to better their customers’ experiences in branches globally while lowering their costs.  One of the major shifts has been printing new bank cards (ATM  or Credit Card) in the branch.

Producing bank cards locally and on-demand offers huge benefits.  With instant issuance bank card services, your customer receive their cards quickly without waiting for the new card to be mailed from a production facility, they then can start using it immediately, and banks can reduce their dependence on large production machines and expensive secured production facilities. 

In order to print and encode a bank card locally, Visa and MasterCard have created specifications for securing the storage and production of their bank cards.  These rigorous standards are demanded of the card production equipment as well.  Security features such as physical locks and electronic locks are minimum requirements for card printers to be used in these environments.

IDP’s SMART-70 and SMART-51 Series offer various features to meet these rigorous standards. Large input hoppers, secured card storage, in-line encoding, and many ribbon options are features that current banking customers love about IDP’s solutions.

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