SOLID-310 Series Card Printer

Professional Card Printing at an Entry-Level Price

Printing Color & Monochrome

Single- sided | Double-sided


Magnetic | Smart contact | Smart contactless

Card lifespan

1 to 3 years

Number of cards per year

100 to 500

Card security level


Entry-Level Professional Card Printing

IDP’s easy to use SOLID-310 printer will produce full-color or monochrome cards reliably for years. Its time-tested design provides excellent image reproduction and cost savings.

The SOLID-310 offers a wide range of optional features including Ethernet, smartcard encoding, and ultra violet (UV) printing. Now small businesses can afford to produce their own ID Cards.

Ideal for:

Easy to use, small foot-print, brilliant image quality, ideal for small organizations

Brilliant printing

IDP’s FINE™ Imaging Technology optimizes print quality:

  • High resolution 300 x 300 to 300 x 1200 dpi output
  • Edge-to-Edge full color printing
  • Professional series dye-sublimation printer ribbon ensures life-like replication

High production output

The SOLID-310 Series offers high-speed printing:

  • 80 Card input hopper
  • Full-color printing of over 180 cards per hour
  • Full-color duplex printing of over 138 cards per hour (SMART-31D)
  • Monochrome printing of over 720 cards per hour

Proven reliability

The SOLID-310 Series design has been in the market since 2014 and offers distinct advantages:

  • Brilliant print quality
  • Durable printer throughput
  • Reliable printer life
  • Proven quality

Multiple encoding options

All IDP’s SOLID Printers offer multiple card encoding options: magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart cards.  Additionally, IDP’s OpenMag driver offers compatibility with legacy magnetic encode commands.

Advanced security

The SOLID Series offer advanced printing, electronic, and physical security:

  • UV and SMARTMark printed security
  • Kensington® type lock options are available

SOLID-310 Series Technical Summary:

Printing Type:  Direct-to-card dye-sublimation / Resin transfer
Print Area:  Edge-to-edge printing color and monochrome printing
Resolution: FINE™ Imaging Technology – up to 300 x 1200 dpi printing
Options:  Simplex and duplex option
Card Feeder:  Up to 80 card input feeder / 20 card exit hopper

Color simplex speed:  180 cards/hour

Color duplex speed:  138 cards/hour

Monochrome:  720 cards/hour

Upgrades: Field upgradeable from simplex to duplex
Warranty: 3-year warranty
Software: Include IDP’s SMART iDesigner credential software and templates.

For more detailed specifications, please contact your sales person.

Printer Ordering Information

651531 SOLID-3101S, Simplex Printer, USB, SMART iDesigner
651532 SOLID-310D, Duplex Printer, USB, SMART iDesigner
651570 SOLID-310 Ethernet option, best when ordered with printer
651356 SOLID-310 Magnetic Encoder, best when ordered with printer

Other configurations are available, please contact your sales person for more information

Common Ink Ribbon Ordering Information

659592 YMCKO Full-color, resin black and overlay panel ribbon with cleaning roller, 250 cards/roll
659593 YMCKOK Full-color, two resin black and overlay panel ribbon with cleaning roller, 200 cards/roll
659594 YMCFKO Full-color and UV panel ribbon with cleaning roller, 200 cards/roll
659596 K Resin black ribbon with cleaning roller, 1200 cards/roll

Other consumables are available, please contact your sales person for more information

Casino Player Card Printer – Rugged reliability – Open Card Compatible

SOLID-210 Series

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Rugged reliability of a metal-framed printer ideal for larger card production

Coming Soon!

An exciting new printer is on the way!