Visual ID card features are key to the security of your staff, assets, and facilities.  Many cards today have embedded chips to allow simple and quick access into your offices and are helpful for time management, but don’t discount the benefit of that ID card hanging from a lanyard or reel for all to see.

An ID card tells everyone around that a person is authorized.  Adding simple printed security printing features can increase the security of the card and reduce the chances of fraudulent/counterfeit photo ID cards.  IDP offers many options from custom holograms to less expensive printed features.

SMARTMark is a printed security feature that is unique to IDP.  Using a standard printer and a standard ink ribbon, SMARTMark can create unique photo ID security features that can be printed on every card.  Embedded in IDP SMART and SOLID Printer drivers is a feature to upload a bitmap (.bmp) image.  This image will then be printed with the ink ribbon.

The SMARTMark image can be printed using the “O” panel from a YMCKO ink ribbon, or using the florescent “F” panel from a YMCFKO ribbon, or it can be printed using the “P” panel from the YMCPKO ribbon.  A SMARTMark image printed with the O panel will have an embossed effect on the card.  An image printed with the F panel will be visible only by using a UV light, and an image printed using the P panel will look as if it was produced using a color shifting ink.

Adding security to your cards is simple and not as expensive as it once was.

SMARTMark "O Panel" - YMCKO
SMARTMark "Pearlescent Panel" - YMCPKO

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