Compact MultiHopper Options

Large organizations with many card holders usually use different card templates and sometimes different card types to best manage their loyalty program levels, electronic access control, logical access, and “flash-pass” requirements.  Additionally, many customer-facing companies use self service kiosks to facilitate the printing of their cards quickly and easily.

Self service kiosks with integrated kiosk printers are in broad use in applications such as subway ticketing, driving licenses, and automobile registration cards.  Automatic kiosk service supports fast card issuance and operate 24/7, for customers convenience.  Administrators can also remotely monitor the overall card issuance status, such as the operation of consumables through contactless integration making maintenance convenient and seamless.

A mulit-hopper card printer inside a kiosk offers many advantages, for instance IDP’s  Compact MultiHopper offers:

  • up to 8 hoppers holding up to 300 card each for a maximum of 2400 cards
  • the industry’s smallest size / footprint
  • keyed card cassettes to reduce miss-loading of cards.
  • reduced maintenance as a large multi-hopper system inside a kiosk will require fewer reloads


IDP's Compact MultiHopper Kiosk System 1x4

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