Casino Gaming

When the newest and one the most glamorous Casino Resort Hotels in Las Vegas needed to upgrade their Player Card Printers, they did their homework.  After months of testing by their IT team as well a rewards staff, they selected the SOLID-510OC printers.  The printers outperformed the legacy machines, were easier to service, and increased their ROI due to IDP’s Xpress Key technology.

TV Entertainment

When Hollywood called….they asked for IDP’s SMART-50S Photo ID Card printer.  Highlighted on NBC’s “Mr. Mayor” episode “Dodger Day” in January of 2021, the show was making light of the ever-present pressure of picture day in the office.   The SMART-50 series was chosen because of its familiarity as an omnipresent printer that has been around since 2005.

Sporting Venue

When a public venue has over 250,000 fans in one location, secure it paramount.  This organization was looking for a rugged and reliable printer that was compatible with their access control system to badge its employees and security staff.  IDP’s SMART-51 was chosen because of its rugged metal frame (read more) and easy to integrate drivers.

NFL Team

 As the playoffs kicked off, this NFL team needed a reliable and well priced Photo ID Card printer to print cards for its staff.  IDP’s SMART printer was selected because of its compatibility with the access control software and ease of use.  Go Team!

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