Colleges and Universities

Hundreds of SMART ID Card Printers are used in Colleges and Universities in almost every state. Higher education institutions such as Florida State University, Harvard University, Louisiana State University, North Carolina State University, Rhode Island School of Design, Syracuse University, the University of Pennsylvania, and many others realize the benefits of selecting IDP’s products. The combination of compatible drivers, large capacity systems, ease of use, value-for-dollar, and great warranties make the SMART printers an ideal choice for university users.

The most popular printer is the SMART-70. It offers users the industry’s largest capacity and most flexible printer.  Configurations include single, dual, and the industry’s fastest laminating technology.   Also popular is the SMART-51L laminating printer.  Offering the combination of fast printing/laminating, large 200 card hopper, compatible drivers, and small footprint is ideal for users with desktop space limitations. 

All IDP printers offer compatible magnetic, contact, and contactless encoding/reading to support connected campuses.