Healthcare Providers

Healthcare provider organizations have complex environments.  They have large numbers of employees with various access restrictions, visitors wandering their halls at all hours, and highly secured medications and equipment that must be controlled.  These factors demand strong access control systems combined with professional identification badges.

Professional identification credentials are vital to healthcare facilities, and in most cases are required by law.  But all credentials are not the same and all badge printers are the same.  Due to the rough environment and the need for “flash pass” security in hospitals, it is recommend that identification badges be printed with a laminating printer.   This type of printer will personalize the badge by printing full color images and text, then will protect the printed surface with a laminate film.  The process is one-step, meaning the card is printed then laminated within the same unit.

Choosing the right printer with optimal laminating technology is critical (learn more about laminating technology here).  The laminate has to properly protect the printed surface for years, reduce the chances of manipulation, and combat attempts to create counterfeit cards.  Adding a hologram laminate will greatly increase the security of identification cards (learn more about holographic laminate here)

Making visitor badging part of the secured environment is important as well.  Today, visitor cards can be printed with self-expiring features, they can be part of your access control system to limit access to critical areas, and using visitor badges as flash passes can provide staff with a quick visual cue of where visitors are allowed access.

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